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Utilising our secure eCommerce system Restore can offer a range of:

  • Heavy-duty boxes and crates to ensure your stored archives are kept in good condition.
  • For Data Storage Tapes and Hardware – Call us to get a competitive price and professional advice from our team of experts
  • For Shredding, we offer convenient sacks, boxes and cabinets to ensure easy, convenient and secure disposal
  • We also supply used or surplus ex-corporate IT equipment. All of our equipment is carefully tested, cleaned and graded.
  • If you are unsure about anything please ask a question before you buy.

Recent News

Secure Offsite Tape Storage for your Business

Your tapes are also at high risk of damage from fire or flood, especially if they are being incorrectly stored or kept together with paper documents that are also susceptible to fire. This is why you should seriously consider secure offsite tape storage.

How Do Document Storage Companies Keep Your Records Safe?

The expense of using off-site document storage companies can actually work out to be much more cost-effective in the long run, because the costs involved can be much cheaper than what it costs you to keep it on your own premises

Restore Technology IT Support Services

No matter what business you run, your company relies on your IT support team to keep your operation running. Without their valuable help and support, everything from your digital bookkeeping systems to your company website and customer relationships management team wouldn’t be able to function correctly.

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