We will PROTECT, VALUE & CHERISH your high-value, historic home or building as much as you do
Harry Waller, Director of Listed Property Protection (LPP)

Listed Property Protection (LPP) is a specialist in providing bespoke insurance cover for LISTED, HISTORIC, THATCHED and HIGH-VALUE properties. Whether it is a small country cottage, a huge-barn conversion, iconic castle, church, palace or stately home we can HELP.

We are different to other insurers in that we will design a schedule of cover just for you and your property treasure. And we are available daytime, evenings or weekends to offer advice - whenever it is convenient for you.

Our team of insurance specialists have unrivalled knowledge and experience when it comes to listed and special interest property. We understand the unique responsibilities and obligations that such buildings present from the point of initial purchase through to renovation or repair work or entire reconstructions. What is more, we are friendly, professional and dedicated to making sure that you can sleep at night, knowing that your home, family or investment is safe.

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Listed Property Protection.
Listed Property Protection policies are underwritten by trusted UK insurance companies.


At Listed Property Protection we are here to provide bespoke insurance to the owners of properties where regular insurance policies simply do not cover them sufficiently, due to the value of property or cost of either repair, rebuild or replacement. Our areas of expertise include

  • OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: Specialist guidance on what is involved in owning and insuring a listed or unique property, whatever the grade or design.
  • UNIQUE BUILDINGS: Private homes, churches, unusual holiday properties and places of historic interest. Including specialist insurance for thatched or timber-framed properties.
  • FIX IT: Listed or historic buildings undergoing renovation, repair or conversion. How do I get the right cover for this?
  • THE CRAFT: Rebuilding, using traditional materials and appropriate methods. We can link you to skilled craftsmen who are experienced with listed conservation legalities.
  • CONSERVATION RESPONSIBILITIES: these can be vast and varied. We can undertake an assessment and/or survey of your property and advise on your potential obligations. A full report will be provided.
  • ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION: Undertaking any kind of work on a listed building is more time consuming than a standard building project. We can cover you for the cost of finding somewhere else to live during this period.
  • HIGH VALUE AND NON-STANDARD ELEMENTS: We can advise on insuring property with unique features such as swimming pools, stables, orangeries, barns, paddocks, chapels and courtyards.
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An off the shelf insurance policy is unlikely to provide adequate or suitable cover for a listed, historic or high-value property

Don't be caught short

IF DISASTER STRIKES, you may lose your home or livelihood, which of course would be devastating. On top of that, it is likely that you will be legally required to reinstate your home or building using traditional materials and methods. Needless to say, the cost of this is can be extremely high. Not to mention the hassle at an already difficult time.


Why Choose Listed Property Protection?

Listed Property Protection (LPP) offers you PEACE OF MIND. We can advise you on the level of insurance cover you need no more and no less.


It is agreed that sorting out insurance is not the most fun of administration tasks, although we thrive on the challenge of sorting such matters. There can be a lot to consider. We endeavour to make the process efficient and hassle-free while giving you the assurance that you are getting precisely the cover you needthus saving you time and money in the long run.

a claim

In the event of an unfortunate incident occurring, a Listed Property Protection (LPP) consultant will monitor the progress of your claim every step of the way.


Our customers are people who love the property they live in, whether it be listed, thatched, historic or non-standard features.

Our customers are aware of the implications that come with owning one of these sought-after properties, however they find comfort in the fact that they not only have an insurance policy that has been specifically underwritten for properties like theirs, they also know that if they have any queries, one of our team is on hand who will go above and beyond to help.

The team at Listed Property Protection have been impeccable. We came to Harry Waller on the purchase of a Grade 2* listed Devon longhouse and feared the costs of insuring the property with an extensive thatch and open fire would be crippling. Their expertise has allowed us an affordable but comprehensive insurance and their bespoke customer service ensures a smooth process. I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.

Mr. Henry R Budd MBChB(Hons) FRCS(Orth)